4D series T3 and T4

New Landini 4D Series

Specially developed to replace the Technofarm tractor family, the 4D Series is a new range of sturdy and simple tractors designed to deliver new levels of performance. The 4D Series incorporates advanced technical solutions that minimise operating costs while providing a perfect combination of ruggedness and reliability, making this tractor ideal for field tasks, haymaking and transport operations. Supplied in both two- and four-wheel drive configurations, the 4D is currently offered as an open-platform; a cab version is slated to become available in future. The range features two different engine options: Perkins Tier3 for the 4-075D model and Deutz Tier4 Final for the 4-060D, 4-070D and 4-080D models. The engine hood has been redesigned to reflect the new Landini family styling. Specially developed by Argo Tractors, the versatile Speed Four modular transmission with synchro shuttle offers four synchronized gears in three ranges providing 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds.


Deutz Tier4 Final

Three models in the range are powered by the new Deutz C4DT four-cylinder turbo- intercooled engines with two-valve technology and electronic high-pressure common rail injection system. The efficient Deutz injection system provides more power, higher torque backup and better fuel economy, resulting in great flexibility of use. An innovative exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) allows these engines to meet the Tier 4 Final emissions regulation without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF), thus eliminating the need for a regeneration process. The Deutz engines powering the 4D Series have a 2.9L displacement and deliver maximum power outputs of 64, 69 and 76 hp. The fourth model in the range is powered by a Perkins naturally aspirated 4.4-liter 4-cylinder Tier 3 engine delivering 74 hp to offer farmers a more cost-effective option. Fully redesigned to reflect the new Landini family styling, the hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance and to allow easy cleaning of coolers in dusty conditions.

PERKINS 1104D-44
MAX POWER ISO  HP/KW64 / 4769.5 / 5174 / 54,576 / 56
RATED ENGINE POWER (ISO RATING)  HP/KW61 / 4568 / 5074 / 54,575 / 55
RATED SPEED   RPM2200220022002200
MAX TORQUE   LB (NM)244271261300
MAX TORQUE SPEED  RPM1600160014001600
BORE/STROKE  IN.(MM)92/11092/110105/12792/110
DISPLACEMENT / NO. OF CYLINDERS2900 / 4 TA2900 / 4 TA4400 / 42900 / 4 TA
COMPRESSIONA RATIO17.2:117.2:118.2:117.2:1
  • Standard


Speed Four mechanical transmission

The 4D Series tractors feature a versatile Speed Four modular transmission with four synchronized gears in three ranges and synchro shuttle offering 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds. The gearbox is offered in a 30 km/h version on the 2WD models and in a 40 km/h version on the 4WD models. The creep speed unit, standard on the 2WD models and optional on the 4WD models, provides 16 forward and 16 reverse gears and speeds as low as 300 m/h. The gear and range levers are located on the driver’s right-hand side, while the shuttle lever is on the left-hand side. All controls are ergonomically-designed and logically-arranged for maximum comfort and ease of operation.


Driving position

Located on an iso-mounted platform, the driving position of the 4D series tractor features large wrap-around fenders and is equipped with a fully adjustable sprung seat. The hydraulic steering, the adjustable steering wheel and the gear levers ergonomically arranged on the driver’s side maximise the ride comfort. The two-post ROPS can be optionally equipped with a sun canopy.




The hydraulic system with double pump has a total flow of 65 l/min and supplies 45 l/min to the hitch and 20 l/min to the steering system. The three-point hitch Category II includes position, draft, mixed and float controls and can lift up to 3400 kg with one optional assistor ram. For more convenient implement operation, the rear hitch can be optionally equipped with Ergonomic Lift System. The system comes standard with two remote valves controlled by levers located on the driver’s righthand side. The high-quality quick-release couplings, mounted on the rear of the tractor, are easily accessible for convenient and fast operation.



 4 - 060D 4 - 070D4 - 075D 4 - 080D
WHEELBASE 2WD/4WD mm2120/21652120/21652118/21632120/2165
MINIMUM WIDTH  mm1675167516751675
TOTAL LENGHT WITH BALLAST WEIGHTS 2WD/4WD mm4316/42754316/42754304/42654316/4275
HEIGHT TO ROPS  mm2517251725172517
HEIGHT TO STEERING WHEEL  mm1620162016201620
GROUND CLEARANCE 2WD/4WD  mm374/208374/208374/208374/208
TOTAL WEIGHT  WITHOUT BALLAST WEIGHTS  2WD/4WD Kg2800/30502800/30502750/30002800/3050