McCormick T (T3) series (T / T-F / T-M)

The T/ T-F / T-M series has been completely revamped with technological apgrades and restyling that significantly improves the operator ’s comfort. After adopting a new, attractively-designed tilt-up hood with integrated headlights and the new Perkins 1104D series 4-cylinder naturally-aspirated and turbo Tier 3 engines with high torque rise and power up to 100hp, the T /T-F / T-M series now brings new levels of comfort and productivity to crawler tractors. The driving position has been redesigned with a new, more comfortable seat and all control levers and pedals have been rearranged in a more ergonomic fashion for added comfort and ease of operation. The lift capacity of the rear power lift has been improved with two additional external cylinders, available as an option, and a new threepoint linkage that increases the implement lift height. In addition, a more precise adjustment of the power lift sensitivity further improves the working accuracy. New remote valves, also with hydromotor to allow the use of implements requiring a continuous oil supply (e.g. toppers), along with the option of front remote valves, further enhance the efficiency of the hydraulic system. Finally, the electrohydraulic control of the PTO allows for smooth and progressive engagement, thereby ensuring soft starting of the implements. The T / T-F / T-M crawlers, true specialists between the rows and in the open field, offer the right answer to the farmers ’ demand for performance and safety on all kinds of terrains.

Brochure available in english and flyer in french.

The new Perkins 1104D (TIER3)

The new Perkins 4-cylinder engines turbocharged, deliver 83, 92 and 98.5 HP (ISO) offering high torque backup, improved fuel efficiency, low noise and reduced emissions. The forward tilting hood provides easy access to the engine for routine service and maintenance.


T 90 (T3)
T 100 (T3)
T 105 (T3)
Perkins direct-injection engine (TIER3)1104D-44T1104D-44T1104D-44T
Max Power  ISO hp /kw83/61*92,5/68*98,6/72,5*
Rated speed rpm220022002200
Max Torque Nm256390384
Max Torque Speed rpm140014001400
Bore/ stroke mm105/127105/127105/127
Turbocharged/ N°. of cyl4400/44400/44400/4
Compression Ratio18,2:118,2:118,2:1
Dry air filter •
Fuel tank capacity 9595 95

• standard

* Manufacturer's estimate


Dashboard, side gear levers for maximum comfort and Hi-Drive hydrostatic steering

The stylish dashboard features analogue instruments for simple and accurate reading. The modular transmission with overdrive and reverse power shuttle fitted as standard offers 16FWD+8REV speeds. Optionally, the transmission can be supplied with creeper in place of overdrive. The gear shift and reverse shuttle levers have been redesigned with a shorter stroke for improved ergonomics and driving comfort. The HI-DRIVE hydrostatic steering levers activate the steering clutches enabling smooth and accurate steering control. The oilimmersed disc brakes can be activated by both hydrostatic steering control and independent pedals.

Driving seat on suspended platform

The driving seat is on an isomounted platform and features ergonomically and logically arranged controls. The new sprung seat with armrests ensures maximum comfort when working on rough grounds. The valance panels on the driver’s sides are designed to match perfectly with the rounded line of the bonnet and are equipped with grab bars that will also protect the driver from low hanging branches. The foldable two-post ROPS is ideally suited for working in canopy orchards and vineyards.

Independent hydraulic system for the maximum versatility of the 6 auxiliary valves

The auxiliary valves are operated by an independent hydraulic system which is powered by an auxiliary 30-litre tank fitted on the right panel at the driver’s side. The circuit depends on a pump which provides a maximum delivery of 48.4 l/min and is capable of operating up to 6 auxiliary drives. The simple- and double-acting auxiliary valves can be conveniently operated by levers located on the driver’s right. Easy-access, high-quality quick-release couplings, mounted either on the front or rear of the tractor, ensure optimum versatility and improved tractor productivity.


(in running order)T 90 (T3)
T 100 (T3)
 T 105 (T3)
Max  length mm350035003500
Min. width mm17001700 • - 1750 §1750
Height over hood mm129012901290
Height to 4-post-ROPS  mm230023002300
Tracks mm130013001300
Wheelbase mm165016501650
Ground clearance mm320320320
Track shoe width mm400400 • - 450 §450
Weight in running order (without ballast) kg41604620 • - 4690 §4690

• standard   § option