Solu Potasse

SoluPotasse® is our best-in-class, water-soluble grade of SOP. Excellent purity and complete solubility make SoluPotasse® 'the' soluble SOP for fertigation and NPK soluble mixes. We distribute SoluPotasse® worldwide, principally in 25 kg bags or 1.2 ton big bags.

Technical characteristics Solucros® K


Solucros® is available in bagged form, either in 25 kg bags or 1 ton big bags. Store the product in dry conditions, avoiding heat or cold.

Average K2O51.5%
Average SO456.0%
Average Cl0.6%
Sieve analysis80% < 0.30 mm
Bulk density
1.46 (loose)
1.21 (struck)
Angle of repose40°
Insolubles in H2O0.03%
pH 1% solution2.9
Solubility in pure water at 20°C120 g per 1,000 ml water