K-Leaf® is the latest addition to Tessenderlo Group's portfolio and the direct result of our active research into modern fertilization practice. Exceptional purity combined with ultra-fast solubility make K-Leaf® the only soluble SOP grade specially designed for foliar application on broad-acre crops. This product is sold in 20 kg bags.

Technical characteristics K-Leaf®

K-Leaf® is available in bagged form in 20 kg bags. Store the product in dry conditions, avoiding heat or cold.

Average K2O52.0%
Average SO456.0%
Average Cl0.2%
Sieve analysis99% < 0.125 mm
Bulk density
1.53 (loose)
1.25 (struck)
Angle of repose35°
Insolubles in H2O0.03%
pH 1% solution2.9
Solubility in pure water at 20°C120 g per 1,000 ml water