NP(S) fertilizers ((NH4)2HPO4 + (NH4)2SO4) is compound nitrogen-phosphoric fertilizer containing sulphur. Produced by neutralizing of phosphoric and sulphur acids mixture with ammonia. Production form – granules. NP(S) is water soluble, 100% friable, non-hygroscopic, with equalized granulometric composition, non-dust forming and practically free of foreign substances. This fertilizer is valuable for fertilizer blending, and better comparing to MAP, regarding phosphor solubility and high nitrogen concentration. Fertilizer is very effective for spring barley, corn, oilseed rape and sunflower on the soils with low and medium degree of phosphorus moving and sulfur deficiency.

Main technical characteristics
Main specifications16:2014:3420:20

Total nitrogen content, %161420 ±1
Total phosphates content, %, min203420 ±1
Total sulphates (in terms of sulphur), %, min888
Moisture, %, max1.01.01.5
Granulometry, %less than 1 mm, max443
from 2 to 5 mm, min909090
less than 6 mm100100100
Static strength of granules, MPa (kgs/cm2), min3.0 (30)3.0 (30)3.0 (30)
Friability, %100100100

NP(S) are loaded in bulk or in 50 kg bags or 1000 kg big-bags.


Fertilizer is transported in bulk or in bags by all transport facilities, in compliance with goods transportation regulations applied to this type of transport means.


Stored in closed storage, avoiding the presence of atmospheric precipitation (rain, snow) and groundwater. Shelf life – 6 months from production date.

  • Phosphorite: NP(S) 14:34(8), 16:20(8)
  • EuroChem-BMU: NP(S) 20:20(8)